Found Art
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Found Art

Dark Mild with Juniper Bough Infusion



It’s getting dark. The forest blends together, you’ve been forging ahead for hours, and you’re lost. It feels like you’re back where you began… but maybe that’s a fresh start. Let’s try this again. This time we’ll find it.

Ingredient spotlight

Found Art Vol. 1 is infused with fresh juniper boughs that we sustainably harvested in Greene County. We used Juniperous Virginiana, which is colloquially known as the red cedar.

Tasting notes

A soft, chocolate-malty beer infused with cedar-like complexity and a light touch of lemon on the nose. Smooth and easy drinking despite its intricate recipe.



FG (Plato)





Espe Kviek


Imperial stout second runnings (parti-gyle method)

Second chance program

Found Art Vol. 1 gives some ingredients that would ordinarily be discarded a second chance. A portion of the proceeds from this beer will go to our partners After Incarceration, Greater Hudson Promise, and ReEntry Columbia. These incredible organizations provide services for the formerly incarcerated, systems impacted, and their communities.

Art Reentry Columbia
After Incarceration
Greater Hudson Promise


“Your Success is Our Success.”

Our vision is to create a community that fosters desistance by helping people enmeshed in the criminal justice system to form healthier relationships, advance educational and vocational goals, nurture independence, and participate positively in the civic and cultural life of their communities.

Our mission is to help our clients successfully rejoin their community by guiding and supporting them throughout the transition process. ReEntry Columbia provides referrals and services for men and women released from incarceration to Columbia County, New York.

Our goals are to: reduce recidivism; increase public safety; help clients become independent productive citizens; and decrease county expenses associated with unaddressed needs of returning citizens.


After Incarceration uses restorative and transformative justice to cultivate resilient support networks in communities directly impacted by policies of excessive punishment and mass incarceration. We aim to reclaim and reaffirm the humanity of people who experience incarceration, personally or through a loved one, and empower them to pursue a meaningful life after incarceration.


The Greater Hudson Promise Neighborhood is a community based organization that aims to create a cradle to college and career pipeline. By utilizing the strengths-based perspective and valuing the dignity and worth of every person, GHPN is able to focus on building the community to ensure that children and families are given adequate opportunities to thrive from cradle to college to career. Amongst our core values is the "human capacity to change", wherein people who have had encounters with the law can lead a life of responsibility and incarceration. This core value is embodied by our programming and also our staff. Our Greater Hudson Initiative for Children of Incarcerated Parents has a history of providing families with a loved one who is incarcerated with enhanced visits for their children. Furthermore, our Community Court Advocacy Program has roots working with individuals with open court cases in the Hudson City Court as well as people who are currently incarcerated in the county jail and state prison systems.