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Our Story

Return is a multifaceted brewing project that seeks to create accessible, traditional “Tavern” style beers alongside an extensive line of exploratory concepts.

These techniques include in-house fruit and herb processing to create farm-direct local “Garden” styles, a line of Eastern European-inspired farmhouse raw ales, country and primitive mixed ferments, old world sour tonics, a heat chamber to maderize beer, fruits, and nuts, an exploration into Whole Hive braggot, an extensive barrel-aging and blending fleet that comprises “Archive,” and more. Most Return beers will focus on the bounties of the Hudson Valley to create beers set in a time and place—however, Return’s hoppy ales will feature specific farms from across the globe to demonstrate unique terroir and characteristics in those exceptional hops.

Return Brewing Mood Board Illustration
Return Brewing Mood Board Illustration
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Featured Beers

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Heathenous Hazy DIPA
8% ABV

A life of sin: you’ve chosen it. Behold… an unrepentant pleasure-seeker who finds divinity in the bottom of a pint glass. Some gaze at the Heathen, lustily enjoying the pleasures of the present, with no thought to the future, and feel pity. We say, try it. Embrace the fantastical realm of right now. Not tomorrow. Today!

Ingredient SpotlightThe famous Nelson Sauvin™ hop from Susan Wheeler at Hop Revolution Farm in New Zealand.

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Tasting NotesTop notes of white wine and gooseberry, underpinnings of rounded tropical character, dangerous drinkability. Soft and smooth yet dry.

Return Brewing - Polished Pilsner Return Brewing Tavern logo

Polished Pilsner
5.2% ABV

Look at that empty pint glass… gleaming like a jewel in the sun. You can practically see yourself in it! Here’s a bright idea: polish off another. Nailed it.

Ingredients and ProcessIndelible Tettnanger hops from Lukas Locher at Hopfengut Farm in Tettnang, Germany. Carefully fermented and cold conditioned for 5+ weeks.

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Tasting NotesPolished is bright with floral aromatics and a soft, refreshing finish.

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The Three Pillars

Return Brewing - Heathenous Return Brewing Tavern logo

Readily available, easy-drinking, accessible formulations brewed with the highest possible quality. Think clean and crisp beers that are full-flavored and highly repeatable, such as pilsners, porters and IPAs.

Return Brewing Garden Beer


Beers that use creative methods to employ the full bounty of the products of the Hudson Valley, such as honey, fruits, and local grains. These are driven by seasonality and set in a time and place.

Return Brewing Archive Beer


Highly experimental, aged, and often infused beers that are contemplative and unique. These will be blended from a large library of barrel-aged liquids.

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Our Brewery & Taproom

Our Brewery and Taproom

Our taproom will be set in a warehouse space in the center of the city of Hudson, NY, and walkable from the Amtrak train station and just north of Warren St. It’s slated to open in mid-2022. We’re looking to create an inclusive space for craft beer experts and novices alike. We can’t wait to welcome you into our Tavern and beer Garden.

726 Columbia Street, Hudson, NY

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