Aerial Root
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Aerial Root

Sour Ale Brewed w/ Blueberry, Wild Local 'Blackcap' Raspberries, Marigold Flowers, & Lemon Basil



Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone. There’s fertile soil waiting if you persevere. Something that suits you… something elevated yet grounded.

Ingredient spotlight

Locally foraged wild black cap raspberries from Lazy Day Farm. Locally harvested marigolds and lemon basil from The Edge of the Wild Farm.
The Edge of The Wild Farms

Tasting notes

Clean, balanced sourness with a dry finish makes for a highly refreshing sour beer. The complexity comes in the background: honeysuckle-like aromas from marigold flowers, zingy lemon candy flavors from the basil, fruity-earthiness from wild black caps and a deep juiciness from tons of blueberries.

FG (Plato)



American Ale


Wheat, Pils

Sourness level